Nutrition kickstart

Empowering Castle Hill Fitness members to achieve their health and fitness goals without giving up the food they love

What is a Nutrition Kickstart?

The Nutrition Kickstart Is a 30 minute consultation with the goal of providing key information as well as actionable steps so you’re better equipped to give your body the nutrition it needs for success

What to expect from the consultation?

First I’ll gather information so I can provide specific advice based on your history and goals.

I’ll provide a brief overview of the process to help you achieve your goals. By the end, you’ll have your top 3 actionable steps for maximum impact on your health and fitness.

Afterwards I will send you a summary of what we go over including your top 3 actionable steps as well as an information booklet to further support you beyond the consultation.



  • It’s free for all current and new Castle Hill Fitness Members 
  • Fitness Passport (18ys & over) & non-members, Cost: $19.95

Call 9846 1200 to book now or see our lovely reception upon entry