What’s Coming!!!


Integrity+ Series Treadmills

Introducing the next generation of Treadmill – the Integrity+ Treadmill.

  • A low step-up height of just 20 cm and a wide running surface of 56 cm is inviting to both experienced runners and new exercisers.
  • Flex Deck Shock absorption system: Reduces knee and joint stress by up to 30% more than non-cushioned surfaces. Eight incredibly durable Lifespring™ shock absorbers deliver consistent cushioning.
  • Exercisers can seamlessly sync a smartphone, tablet or other device using Bluetooth or NFC technology. Even comes with a wireless charger

PowerMill Climber

A smooth stepping motion and 26 different speeds make the PowerMill ideal for exercisers who prefer slow climbs or those looking for one of the most challenging and intense cardio workouts at the gym

  • Wide range of speeds: Powered by a motor, the Life Fitness PowerMill has one of the widest range of speeds available on a climber. Most other climbers have generators which control the speed of the steps but require a certain amount of force to get moving. This force largely comes from the bodyweight of the exerciser and keeps lighter users from being able to achieve higher speeds because they simply don’t have enough weight. The motor driven PowerMill does not have this issue, making the entire range of speeds available to users regardless of their weight.

Total Body Arc Trainer

The Arc Trainer is a versatile alternative motion cross-trainer that appeals to a wide range of exercisers. Moving arms with multigrip handles provide a total-body

workout that exerts less stress on the knees than walking. The 21 incline levels allow users to choose the type of workout they prefer and the different muscle groups that they want to work. The Arc Trainer is truly a 3-in-1 cardio machine. The wide incline range gives exercisers the ability to glide (lower inclines), stride (medium inclines), or climb (higher inclines).

Recumbent Exercise Bike

The recumbent bike caters to the needs of all exercisers, ensuring a delightful journey towards fitness. Designed with a sleek and modern

aesthetic, Integrity+ Cardio is built upon a foundation of over 20 years of unparalleled reliability and innovation, making it the go-to choice for fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Immersive cardio workouts are provided through easy access to entertainment and popular fitness apps.
  • Comfortable ride: Seat includes a back rest, lumbar support, and a wraparound adjustment lever for easy positioning. Resistance controls on side handles make in-workout adjustments easy.
  • Step-through design and front assist handle provides easy entry and exit. Wide, self-leveling pedals with simple buckle straps allow exercisers to get started quickly.

Upright Exercise Bike


The Integrity+ Upright Bike features a comfortable seat that is ergonomically sound and can be fine tuned for the perfect riding position. Wide, self-leveling pedals with simple buckle straps allow exercisers to get on and go. The handlebars are designed to offer cruising, hybrid and race positions. The bike offers integrated resistance controls, to make in-workout

changes easy, and elbow pads for added comfort. The self-powered generator system allows for a smooth and quiet ride.