Over 20 Contracted Personal Trainers

Personal Training

Castle Hill Fitness has 20 contracted Personal Trainers who are among the highest qualified PT’s in the Fitness Industry.

All Castle Hill Fitness PT’s must have as a minimum Certificate III & IV in Fitness & must progress through a structured PT Development Program. Our members engage the services of a Personal Trainer for the following:

  • Support, Guidance, Safety, Correcting Technique
  • New to Exercise or the Gym (*Highly Recommended)
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Weight Loss goals of 5kg or more
  • Eating Plans & Nutritional Information
  • Accountability – ensure you commit to your exercise goals & routine.
  • Specific Goals e.g Weddings, Holidays, etc when it is important to you that you look & feel your best!

Castle Hill Fitness has trainers to suit every budget from Junior PT’s to ELITE PT’s with experience & qualifications increasing consistent with our levels based system.

if you would like more information on Personal Training, please call the PT Coordinator Nick Trlin on 9846 1243