Great for all levels of fitness and people with injuries or limitations. Combines segments of cardio training and muscle conditioning for an effective all over workout.



Extended cardio component including swim, suspension & resistance training to increase the challenge.



A WATER WELLNESS experience inspired by a range of traditional Holistic movement forms creatively adapted to the water. Flowing effortless Movements are synchronised with breath work and performed to soothing music. This is followed by flotation or visualisation exercises to increase self-health awareness. Suitable for EVERY body, especially those with chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, respiratory issues, cardiovascular disease, physical pain, musculoskeletal injury or pregnancy.


Get fit fast with this short, sharp, intense, no rest water workout! Perfect for all!



Great variety with one half AquaZUMBA and one half AquaFIT. Get the best of both worlds!  Suitable for all fitness levels.



HIIT style AQUA with various sets of 20 seconds max effort combined with 10 seconds ‘Active’ recovery. A great way to improve Cardio & Strength fitness in the water.