FAQ Castle Hill Swimming

Click on the Active World link and you will be directed to create an account. We provide an assessment questionnaire that can assist with determining what would be the most suitable level for your child to be booked into for their swim lessons and if required bookings are available for an assessment to be conducted.

You can enrol into lessons at any time during the term. Once enrolled your booking is ongoing.

We run lessons 7 days a week throughout the school term.

Parents and Babies classes are held Monday to Sunday mornings.

Learn to Swim Pre School-Program for 2+ years – Monday to Friday mornings.

Learn to Swim, Pre-Squad and junior Squads All Age Program – 3.30pm – 6.30pm Monday to Friday and 8.00am – 1.00pm Saturday 8.30am – 1.00pm Sunday.

Our program is term based, therefore all programs from babies through to Emerald cease during school holidays. Ruby Sapphire and Diamond continue throughout school holidays.

We encourage swimmers to continue to swim during the holiday period, and for this we offer intensive holiday programs. Information on upcoming holiday programs are available HERE on our website.

We close for lessons on public holidays, and swim fees are adjusted accordingly.

Active Kids and First Lap Vouchers available through Service NSW are redeemable for Swimming Lessons. Once your booking is complete an option for adding your voucher online through Active World will be visible. The $50 will be credited to your family account in accordance with Service NSW T’s and C’s

If you are going to miss a lesson, you must notify us at least 1 hour before the commencement of the scheduled class. If the Swim School has been notified in advance and there are no outstanding fees on your account, you are entitled to a makeup lesson which is valid for 28 days after the missed lesson date. Make up lessons can be booked online or through the app, a maximum of 24 hours in advance. Make up lessons cannot be rescheduled. No credits or refunds are available for missed lessons.

We do not offer refunds for missed or unused lessons although a request for medical consideration is available as follows. Requests for medical suspension must be supported by a medical certificate and must be submitted within 7 days of the first missed and cancelled lesson. Any medical suspension will incur a fee of $10 per booking per week for up to 6 weeks, thereafter full fees or cancellation will be required. All suspensions requests must be for a minimum of 2 weeks.

If you need to withdraw from the program, a cancellation form is available from reception and is required to be submitted 7 days before the next debit day to avoid further charges. Please email chfacadmin@chrg.com.au to request a cancellation form.

Our Pool Deck Supervisors are generally our most experienced teachers and are happy to discuss how your children are progressing.

We ask that teachers are not interrupted whilst teaching as this is disruptive to their student’s class time.

The tags or app barcode feature provide secure access to our facility for all students as well as providing us with attendance records for your child’s participation in lessons. It is important to carry the tag or have the app on your phone with you at all times for efficient secure access to the aquatic centre.

All swimmers

All swimmers are required to wear appropriate swimwear. Don’t forget a dry towel and warm clothes to change into after the lesson. Goggles can generally be introduced from Stage 5. We stock a full range of Swimwear and swimming accessories for purchase.


All children enrolled in our Parents and Babies Program are required to wear a firm fitting swimming nappy to their lesson. We have a selection of disposable and reusable nappies available for sale from our reception.

Pre School, School Age and Above

Rashies, T-shirts and board shorts are generally not encouraged as they can make learning to swim more difficult. We encourage all children to wear a cap (provided at time of booking) for the protection of their hair from getting tangled and it also helps to keep heads warmer in winter.

Pre-Squads and Above

Swimmers in our Stage 9 and 10 should bring their own fins (flippers).

Junior Squads and Above

Swimmers at this level are encouraged to start compiling their own mesh kit bag that contains fins, kickboard, pool buoy, goggles, and cap.

Research indicates babies who have early swimming experience show improved physical and psychological development, building strength, mobility, concentration, self-esteem, social skills, and independence, as well as an affinity with the water. Fear of the water generally only develops as babies grow older, so an early introduction to swimming can help to overcome this fear. Baby swimming class activities are designed to aid in water awareness, familiarisation, safety, and water confidence.

Parents and Babies classes start from 4 months of age.

We do not use floatation aids such as bubbles or armbands in our lessons. While these devices may provide increased independence for the wearer in the short term, they are not conducive to teaching swimming in the longer term. Floatation aids tend to place the wearer in a vertical body position which makes it difficult to teach the fundamental skills required when learning to swim, submersion, a streamlined body position, and propulsion.

However, a small selection of kickboards, noodles and toys may be used on some weeks as we also alternate no equipment weeks to challenge our swimmers.

Our program focuses on teaching good technique to allow for more efficient swimming, and therefore, our class environment allows for optimum correction and learning opportunities. Each class is designed to provide the best conditions possible to learn the skills we teach in that level. We do not sacrifice good technique to introduce longer distances.

There are many good reasons to make swimming a priority and continue with lessons all year. Many parents initially enrol their children in lessons out of concern for water safety. The risk of accidents doesn’t go away in the cooler parts of the year, so neither should the lessons!

Another reason to continue with lessons is for the continuity when learning new skills and reinforce existing ones. This is particularly important with younger children whose long-term skill development and muscle memory is just beginning to develop. Physical activities like swimming are also an important part of a child’s development across a range of areas

including fine and gross motor skills, self-confidence, and coordination. Swimming lessons offer a unique combination of social and physical interactions with the teacher, their classmates, and the aquatic environment.

Please note that both pools and on deck air temperature at Castle Hill Swimming are maintained at consistent temperatures, ensuring that swimming can be a comfortable both in and out of the water.

The assessment process at Castle Hill Swimming is continuous, we have a schedule that ensure your child will be assessed at least twice per term. This allows your child to be promoted as soon as they meet the skills-based criteria in each level. Our experienced Pool Deck Supervisors monitor lessons on an ongoing basis and receive regular updates from teachers and coaches. Assessment outcomes, stamps and progress information is all available online through the AW app at the conclusion of your child’s assessment.