Les Mills


(45 or 60 mins) The most athletic class you’ll ever do. Very simple to follow high energy routines that burns calories FAST. It increases cardiovascular capacity and also has strength and plyometric training components to offer a total body ‘blast’.  Suitable for moderate to high fitness levels – (Note: includes low impact options!). PUSHES YOU TO YOUR LIMITS!!



A ‘pre-choreographed’ step class (using an adjustable platform) with ATHLETIC and fun routines set to specific music for each track to create a high energy cardio blast. AND the ultimate butt and leg workout. *30 & 45 Min HIIT format also available*



(60mins) A non-impact weights class set to music. You select the weights you use so this class can cater for all levels. The focus is on correct lifting techniques with high repetition for muscle endurance & toning. WARNING: PUMP WILL CHANGE THE SHAPE OF YOUR BODY. *30 & 45 Min HIIT format also available*.



Get ready to defend yourself with an energetic, pre-choreographed workout combining the elements of Tai Chi, Karate & Kickboxing. A fabulous ‘upper body’ workout whilst improving cardio fitness and burning serious calories.