Welcome Back

June/July 2020 Update

Dear Members,

It has been a difficult time for so many in our community, so while we’re excited to announce that we will OFFICIALLY be reopening after 81 days of lockdown, we understand that there is still a great deal of effort needed to maintain the amazing job that our community has done in slowing the spread.

We will be welcoming our Fitness members back starting 7am on Saturday June 13th. There are restrictions and not everything will be open. We will be ramping up programs and amenities in phases to ensure all is going smoothly.

Initially our hours will be as per our normal operating hours:
🔸Mon through Fri, 5am until 11pm
🔸Sat and Sun, 7am until 6pm

Below are some changes you can expect to see based on what we have found to be best practice and based on your feedback to our recent member survey as well as a link to an FAQ page and a reference guide to facilities and programs – what is open and what restrictions are in place:

👉🏻 We’ve created specific signage to communicate current guidelines and expectations. During the initial rollout. Many of our amenities are limited but we will add them back as we feel that it’s safe and practical. We sincerely appreciate your patience with this, especially during the first couple of weeks.
👉🏻 Showers will not be available, You will still be able to use the restrooms.
👉🏻 Limited numbers will be allowed in Group Fitness Classes and we hope to have live streaming in place  within a few weeks. The Time table will be posted soon and you will need to book in advance (see FAQ link below).
👉🏻 During the phased rollout NSW is limiting the capacity of gyms. For this reason, we ask that you limit your workout to 1 hour and avoid bringing guests for the first week or two – until we get a feel for our capacity.

We have completed an FAQ page as well as a reference guide to follow what amenities and services are open and where restrictions are in place. There is also details on memberships/ suspensions and cancellations on our FAQ page. See the links below.

If you have questions, please feel free to send us a message or drop them in our comments on the Castle Hill Fitness Members Facebook page and we will answer as soon as we can.

We are excited to welcome you all back and are looking forward to Saturday. Continue to follow us for more updates on your return to Castle Hill Fitness and Aquatic Centre and what we are doing to make Castle Hill Fitness and Aquatic Centre the cleanest and safest gym in our community!