Fitness Re-Opening: All You Need To Know


4 November 2021
This week the NSW Government have announced that Aqua Aerobics and other non programmed use of indoor pools can resume from Monday November 8th. This is certainly very exciting news that we know members have been holding out for. The complete list of changes that come into effect from Monday November 8th are:
  • Aqua Aerobics will recommence (see timetable).
  • The Spa and Steam will be re-opened (respecting a 1 person per 2 square metre rule).
  • Spin Room classes will be increased to 20 people.
  • All equipment on the Cardio floor will be available for use.
  • A 1 person per 2 square metre rule now applies across the venue

The final 3 points are all able to take place due to the change from 1 person per 4 square metres to 1 person per 2 square metre rule.

Masks are still required by adults when entering and leaving the venues and class capacities are still capped at 20 people by the NSW Government. However by being able to add 46 Aqua classes and doubling the size of our Spin classes, it will hopefully have a flow on effect, freeing up more opportunities for group fitness for everyone.



12 October 2021
We have had a few queries around Aqua Aerobics and why it isn’t running.
The current Public Health Order states that indoor pools are open; “to conduct swimming classes, lap swimming, squad training or rehabilitation activities”.
We have spoken with Fitness Australia as recently as yesterday (Monday) to see if there was any further clarification on Aqua Aerobics. As a peak body for fitness, they have been in discussion with NSW Health throughout the pandemic, and they have advised they are still seeking clarification so they have no definitive answer.
We have also looked around the websites of many facilities around Sydney and can see some are running Aqua Aerobics and some are not.
Our intent is always to look after the health and safety of our members and staff. It would seem the Public Health Order does not currently address aquatic based group fitness. This is frustrating but hopefully it will be resolved in the coming days. Our Aqua Aerobics timetable has been drafted and instructors are on standby to re-commence as soon as we get the all clear.
We are looking forward to getting our Aqua Aerobics programs back up and running, they are a key piece of what we do. We hope they will be back very soon.
Stay tuned for more when we know.



9 October 2021

Less than 48 hours to go until the doors re-open. Below are a few updates on information relating to the opening. If you didn’t get our first update, you can scroll through to the bottom to see our communication from last week.


Membership Updates

As previously advised, for DD members, the next direct debit run will be October 29. You won’t be charged again before this date. For our upfront members you will receive a letter in the mail advising of your updated renewal date. But you can also check with reception for clarification.


Group Fitness

The Group Fitness timetable has been updated and is no online. We do have a few instructors unavailable for various reasons (surgeries, work commitments etc) who will be returning in the New Year but JM has tried to put together something for everyone.

Please be advised, that under the Health Order, people in indoor Group classes are required to wear masks. The information we are getting that this is being discussed further at the moment, but for reopening, this will be the rule so please prepare accordingly.


Aqua Aerobics

Earlier this week the new Premier announced the changes to the 11 October restrictions on indoor pools. These rules were primarily around Learn to Swim and lap swimming. It remains unclear around whether Aqua Aerobics is allowed. So unfortunately when we re-open on Monday there will be no Aqua Aerobics classes scheduled. However once the Public Health Order is formally updated and we can review it, if Aqua Aerobics is given the all clear, we will activate classes in a matter of days.


Spa and Steam

Similarly, there has bene no clarity on this with a spa an indoor pool and the steam room a confined space. So we have been advised to not open them at this stage until the Public Health Order is revised and provides more clarity.


Lap Swimming

The lap pool is open for lap swimming and to use the pool members will need to book a lane. Please also note the Swim centre has a separate QR code so you will be required to re-scan in.



Masks are required to be worn while moving around the fitness centre. They are also required in indoor Group Fitness classes. They are not required when exercising on equipment on the gym floor.  While this seems a curious situation. The explanation given by NSW Health is that if you spend 15 minutes or more next to a person who has COVID, it increases your chances of catching it. Hence masks are worn in classes. Our understanding is this is still being questioned given the social distancing rules, so it may change soon.


When you arrive

A final reminder that you will need to QR Code in and show staff prior to entry. You will also need to show proof of vaccination the first time you visit the centre. Please check out this link to help you better prepare for your next visit.


Thanks everyone – we look forward to seeing you all soon.


2 October 2021  

Hello to all our loyal members and Fitness Passport regulars.


Hopefully you are all excited about the easing of restrictions as we all are at Castle Hill Fitness. It has been a long few months but we are looking forward to opening and building to being fully operational over the next few months. We had been hoping to communicate re-opening plans sooner however the detail of the Public Health Order is still yet to be fully released and there appears to be some ongoing discussions around indoor pools. Below is what to expect as we re-open on October 11.


Your Membership

All memberships have been on free suspension.

Our Upfront members will have the time lost while we were closed added back on to their membership. That’s is 106 days will be added to your membership. If your current membership was due to expire during the closure, our Admin team will add in the 106 days and SMS/Email your new renewal date shortly.

For our Direct Debit members, you will be aware that a direct debit run was run on the Friday before we closed and haven’t been debited since. Our next debit run would ordinarily be on October 15 but to keep the debit runs rolling on the same fortnightly schedule and to say thank you to our loyal members, you will have 6 days added free of charge in addition to the fortnight you have already paid for. As such the next direct debit run will be on October 29. If your banking details have changed over the last 3 months (i.e. new credit card expiry date etc. please let us know before the end of the month).



One thing that appears to be certain about the Public Health Order next week, is that members will be required to be fully vaccinated to enter the venue. This will be a requirement of NSW Health. Prior to this announcement being released, we put out a survey to you all and with close to 1,000 responses, the overwhelming view (94%) believed all staff and members should be double vaccinated upon return with a further 4% not having an opinion and just 2% believing it wasn’t necessary. Your opinions and the requirement of the Government make it clear that we need to be a double vaccinated venue for reopening.

We will have some members who are not yet fully vaccinated and we respect everyone’s decision and understand there are varying circumstances preventing people from getting fully vaccinated on October 11.

If you are not fully vaccinated and hence unable to return, or if you have other circumstances where you don’t feel like you would be able to maximise your membership, we will suspend membership initially up until December 1st when it is proposed by the NSW Government that further restrictions will be eased. If you do suspend, you can return at any time. We will review further prior to December 1st.


If you need to suspend your membership, please email You need to contact our team  to suspend your membership. Our Admin team will commence working on suspensions from next week but please be mindful that we have limited access to the venue so email is the best way to do it.


What to Expect in the Gym

Initially the gym will look very much like it did in the weeks before we closed. With a 1 to 4sqm rule, capped group fitness classes and masks required to be worn. We are waiting on specifics of the mask wearing requirement for people exercising. Reading between the lines, these restrictions will be eased off gradually over the remainder of October and November and hopefully by the start of December, we will have a fully functional gym.


95% of members said they were happy with our COIVD Safe protocols prior to closing but we took on your feedback and will continue to focus on ensuring all members wipe down equipment after use which was the most common frustration.


The big change will be the check-in process. All members will be required to QR code in at every visit and we will need to confirm all visitors vaccination status. We will confirm this process ahead of re-opening. These are requirements by the Public Health Order. It will take some adjustments for staff and members alike, so please be patient and we will work on a safe and efficient method for getting everyone in.



Group Fitness

This is an area which we know is impacted by the restrictions. We are focused on trying to improve on the experience from the last re-opening. Fortunately this time the booking system is established. We will also look to stream on our Facebook members page some of our more popular classes and we are investigating opportunities to deliver some classes outdoors and we will continue to supplement our popular Les Mills classes with virtual Les Mills classes. We know and understand you love our instructors, we do to, but if a class is full, give the Virtual a try, they are great quality productions! At this stage it remains unclear if indoor pools will open on October 11 or 18. As soon as we have confirmation, those classes will be created.


Spa and Steam

At this stage we are awaiting further advice on whether they will allowed to be open. When we have that, we will share it on our Facebook page. At this stage it is our intent not to run a booking system for the Spa and Steam area, but there will be strict capacity limits.


The Team

With the exception of a few of our team who had to look for other opportunities during the closure, The team are all back. Managers and staff have been communicating so we know which staff will be available based on their eligibility to be in the venue under the Public Health Order.


We hope you are looking forward to getting back to CHFAC and seeing some old friends and getting back into your routines and focusing on looking after yourselves. Thank you for your loyalty and we look forward to seeing you on October 11!