COVID Membership Suspensions

Season’s Greetings to all.

As we approach the end of 2020, a very challenging year for everyone, we will be looking to start the New Year, 2021 with a positive mind set and a healthy outlook on life.


The majority of our members have returned and we have been thrilled with the sense of community as people follow the rule of wiping down equipment, using towels and giving people their space. Meanwhile, we have had additional staff on at all times to clean and monitor people’s use of the facility and have been updating our COVID Safe Plans routinely.


For our members who have not yet returned,  we have incrementally extended suspension windows since our re-opening back in June with the latest one being until January 7th 2021. We understand people have different personal circumstances and we are happy to support them as best we can. But as you can appreciate with the volume of people we are suspending this has meant extra administration and business uncertainty and we unfortunately cannot continue to suspend memberships indefinitely.


Therefore, from 8th January 2021 we will be reactivating any membership that has been on a free of charge COVID suspension. You are then able to commence using the facilities from this date. If you do not wish to return you need to contact Castle Hill Fitness Centre by email and notify us of the following;


”             If you have a medical condition which puts you at risk in using the facilities, or live with a vulnerable person, you can supply a medical certificate and we can continue to provide you with a Medical Suspension* free of charge.


”            Otherwise If you wish to remain suspended, you can utilise the Holiday Suspension option* of your membership for $1.00 for each day that you choose to suspend your membership.


”             If you would like to cancel your membership*, again email us in writing and you are of course welcome to re-join* with us at any time in the future.

(*Terms and conditions apply)


In order for any change to your membership to take effect, please email us by close of business Tuesday, January 5th 2021.


We thank you for your patience and hope 2021 is a year that everyone can focus on their health and well-being.